ArtStation artists have the ability to add various mechanisms for being contacted such as a public-facing email address, enabling the "Message" button or providing links to other sites where they can be further contacted.


If an artist has provided a public-facing email address, you can contact them via this email address. Visit the artist's profile and on the About section, the artist may have provided an email address.

Message button

You can also use the "Message" functionality. This is a green button on a user's profile that allows you to click on to send the user a direct message. When sending a user a message, you have the option to send a General or Business related message. You must be signed in to send someone a message.

Social sites

The artist can provide links to their website, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, etc. There are many ways that the user can be contacted.

If no contact information is provided

If the artist has not provided any contact information, we must respect their privacy and assume that the user does not wish to be contacted. Please do not contact ArtStation to ask for their contact details or for us to put you in touch - we must respect the user's privacy.