If you received spam on ArtStation, please either report the abuse directly on the site, or contact support@artstation.com.

What is ArtStation doing about spam?

ArtStation does a lot to prevent spam and malicious activity.

Just to even register on ArtStation requires a 2nd factor such as SMS or Facebook/LinkedIn. The SMS must use a real device and undergoes a backend fraud detection verification step that prevents users from registering with fake SMS from websites that offer receive an SMS service. This alone largely deters spammers and spam bots from attacking ArtStation. Most of the spam activity has been by individuals, which is easier to catch and ban.

I got a spam message - what should I do?

The first thing is to check how and where you received the spam message.

If you received the spam on ArtStation itself via a message, or a comment, please report abuse immediately. You can do this via the website itself. A team member will investigate and likely ban the account. Alternatively you can email support@artstation.com with information and we'll deal with it.

I got a spam via the contact form on my website. How do I stop this?

The spam message you received was most likely a person actually visiting your website and sending you the spam message via your contact form.

The contact form on user websites already uses Google's recaptcha (invisible). There is no way for a spam bot to attack website contact forms in bulk / programatically.

Because this is no different than someone legitimate actually really going to your contact form and sending a message, there is not much we can do about it.

If the volume of spam increases, please inform us and we will investigate.

I received an email spam. How do I stop this?

If you received an email directly from a spammer, there's actually very little that we can do to stop that because the spammer directly contacted you outside of the system.

In most cases that this happens, it is because the artist listed the email address publicly on the profile. If your email address is listed publicly, you should consider making it private. The main downside to this is that many recruiters prefer to contact you directly via email instead of a platform's messaging service. You have to decide yourself what you want to do. You may have to decide to put up with some spam.