Blogging is a feature available to users with the Pro Account allowing them to express themselves with the freedom of words and media. It can be a great way to test your art, add tips or tutorials and get feedback before you decide to add anything to your portfolio. We want you to feel free to post what you want and express yourself in the most constructive way possible.

That being said, to help keep this a great place for your content and the community, we have some guidelines that we expect you to follow. Failure to follow the guidelines may result in the deletion of the post and suspension of your blogging capabilities. Be mindful!

Content Restrictions:

Jobs: No posting jobs on your ArtStation Blog. Our Jobs page helps support the community and allows us to invest back into ArtStation. If you are a recruiter and would like to find talent, you can find more information here or contact our Industry Manager at

Advertisements: No posting advertisements on your ArtStation Blog. Similar to our Jobs page, we have Friends of ArtStation who help support us. If you would like to post advertisements on ArtStation, you can find more information about our Marketing Services over here or contact our Marketing Services Director at

Spam: Don’t post articles or comments that are designed to promote or sell affiliated products. Don’t post comments which are unsolicited promotions of your own content. Comments like: “Hey, come check out my blog.” or “Check out my artwork and let me know what you think” will not be accepted.

Hate: We are an inclusive community here on ArtStation and is not the place to post hateful, hurtful comments. We won’t tolerate any posts or comments containing messages of violence or ill-will to anyone or group based on religion, sexual orientation, country or language of origin, race or disability. Be nice!

Pornography: Although we may have some nudity on ArtStation, the blog is not the place for overly explicit sexual imagery or stories that are overly sexual in nature.

Illegal Content: Don’t post any articles that promote illegal activities. Need we explain?

Violence: We do not encourage or condone any acts of written or verbal violence, harassment or bullying towards any other user. Posting anything that promotes violence to anyone or group will have the post deleted and may have there blogging capabilities suspended.

Copyright: We want to promote original content. Please don’t post any articles or images on your blog for which you do not own the copyright.

Links: In your posts and comments, please don’t post any links to sites containing illegal content, pornography, spam, malware, spyware, viruses or any other malicious or destructive sites intended to harm any user, person or computer.

Private: Do not post any private, personal or confidential information. This includes, but is not limited to, credit card or bank account numbers, phone numbers, personal addresses, social security numbers, and driver’s licences.

If you find that there is a blog or post that does not follow these Guidelines, we encourage you to flag the blog by using the dropdown at the top right and selecting “Report Abuse”.

It’s amazing that you want to express yourself with these blogs. As such, following these guidelines will help promote positive encouragement and help make ArtStation Blogs welcoming for the community.

These guidelines may change from time to time and are subject to the Terms of Service here on ArtStation. In the event that any Community Guidelines are contrary or contradict the TOS, the latter will take precedence.