Blogging is a feature available only to users with the Pro Account.

From your Menu, click on Manage Blog. This will open up your Blog Manager where you can click on "New Blog Post".

On the left side is where you will write the post. Enter a Title, add content, including media, and format the content using the Rich Text Editor toolbar.

The sidebar on the right gives you options for your blog post.

Before publishing any post, it is important that you read and understand the Blogging Community Guidelines. The top of the options sidebar points this out and links to the document.

When you are finished adding content to your post, click Save. Clicking Save just keeps it as a draft. Once you are completely satisfied with the post, click Publish. Before publishing, you have the option to notify all of your followers when you publish.

By default, the first image you upload to your post will be the thumbnail. You have the option to upload a custom thumbnail. This will be displayed when sharing to social media and when managing your blog. You also have the ability to add a description and tags for improved SEO.

You are able to select the visibility for you blog post. Similar to how it works for Projects, you can select whether to show it on, your website, both, or none.


People with the URL will still be able to view your blog post, even if it is not visible on both your website and

The bottom of the right sidebar has the option to Cancel or Delete your blog post.