Variants enable you to sell different variations of a single product. Each variant can have different pricing, license types and files. This gives you a breadth of flexibility on a single product.

To get started with variants, click on the "Add variant" button when editing a product.

Here are some things you can do with variants:

Different license types for Standard and Unlimited commercial use

You can charge different pricing on the same product so that freelancers and studios have different pricing. A studio would pay a higher price for an Extended Commercial License so that they can use the stock asset on multiple productions.

Offer different resolutions of files

You can offer different resolutions of a model. For example, you can offer a standard resolution for a lower price, and a high resolution for a higher price.

Deleting a variant

When a customer purchases your product, they are in fact purchasing a variant of your product (all products have at least one variant). To delete a variant, click the delete button on the variant. A warning modal will appear to prevent accidental deletion.

If you remove a variant, it discontinues any further updates to the product for existing customers of that variant. i.e. any customers who bought that specific variant will no longer receive updates (because you deleted it). Only delete a variant if you are absolutely sure that you want to discontinue updates for those customers.

When you delete a variant, it will no longer be available for sale but existing customers will still have access to their downloads.