This feature requires an ArtStation Pro account.

When creating or editing a project, you can select the visibility of the project. You can select whether to show it on, your website, both, or none.

This is useful for situations where you want to publish work that may not be completely appropriate in the ArtStation community section - e.g. photography. Alternatively, you can use the Pages feature to post work that isn't to be on the community.

How to hide a project from your portfolio

To hide a project. Simply uncheck both boxes. It won't show up on your website or on ArtStation. People with the URL will still be able to view it but it won't be listed on your portfolio. This is useful for when you want to show someone a project in private.

Why is this no longer a free feature?

Because the feature effectively enables users to publish secret content, we were finding that there was abuse in the form of users uploading content inappropriate for ArtStation and effectively using it as a free hosting site for inappropriate content.

Because this feature is only used by power-users who use the ArtStation website builder, we made this a Pro-only feature. The vast majority of artists have projects appear on both and their website.

I'm not a Pro member and I had hidden a project, how do I unhide it?

Please contact us. We can help you unhide the project.