Memorialized accounts are a way for people on ArtStation to remember and celebrate those who've passed away.

What happens to the account?

  • The word "Remembering" appears on the user profile, as well as the memorial status on the Resume page informing people that the user has passed away.
  • If the user is a Pro member, his account will be locked into a "forever Pro" status. The user's Pro membership will never renew and will never be charged again.
  • The user is automatically unsubscribed of all emails and notifications.
  • The user's hiring details are all removed.
  • No-one can log into the account.

I know a member who has passed away

Please contact us at Please provide any evidence to confirm the deceased person's status.

Requesting the removal of a memorialized account

If you're a family member and would like to request the removal of the account, please contact us at