Schools should not have profiles on ArtStation that posts the work of students under the school name. This violates the spirit of ArtStation because the school is taking away the promotional value from its students. Each student should have its own profile. This ensures that the student's portfolio contains the artwork that is promoted and that is properly credited.

ArtStation is not Instagram

ArtStation is a portfolio platform - that is, each profile on ArtStation represents a individual portfolio. ArtStation provides each account with tools for helping the artist to create their portfolio website and promote their personal brand.

This sets ArtStation apart from Instagram, which is more of a social image sharing app.

How can schools get promotion from ArtStation?

If your school is looking to promote itself on ArtStation, the best way is to through advertising.

Why does ArtStation do this?

ArtStation's mission is to help the individual artist and provide a robust toolset for building the artist's personal brand to find work and connect with opportunities.

There are many pop up, unaccredited "schools" now (basically, training businesses) - that just start online or start giving workshops, and they flood the site with their instructor's and student's work, taking away the promotional value from the individual artist and instead, promoting the school instead. We have heard from many students who are upset because of this. They want the promotion, but the school's posts are collecting all the likes, comments and follows.

Generally these kinds of school profiles are set up as marketing profiles to flood the site with content to promote the school. They provide little value to the ArtStation community, which is focused on helping the individual artist.

Because of this, we focus on the individual artist and respectfully ask schools to advertise with us instead. If your training business is on ArtStation to promote itself to get students, then you should be advertising and give back to the community.

Future school profiles?

In the future, ArtStation may have a proper school profile for schools and training businesses to promote themselves.