ArtStation allows studios to create profiles to post the work that they produce.

General rule - post what is created/owned by the studio

ArtStation is intended to be a portfolio platform - that is, work that is on a given profile was produced by the profile holder.

Therefore, studios (who create the artwork) can have profiles on ArtStation that showcase the work of the studio.

Remember, ArtStation is NOT Instagram. If you want a platform where you can create random profiles about anything and post anything, use Instagram. It's what it's for. ArtStation is a portfolio platform with the intent to support the needs of industry. Please respect it.

What is allowed

  • Studios can have a studio profile and post work that the studio produced.

What is not allowed

Violations may result in account suspension without warning.

  • Studios cannot post "artwork" that are actually ads for recruiting or otherwise. If you're a company, you should be either advertising or posting job ads through ArtStation's recruitment section.

  • A profile cannot be for a specific project. E.g. you cannot create a new profile for "XYZ Game". The company must create the profile. You can organize artwork within the profile into albums.

  • Software, asset or tool companies cannot post work that their customers created.

  • Schools cannot have profiles on ArtStation that posts the work of students under the school name. This violates the spirit of ArtStation because the school is taking away the promotional value from its students.


Why does ArtStation allow studios to have profiles on ArtStation?

A "Studio" is a very nebulous thing and can range from a single artist operating as a "studio" to a large games/film company with thousands of employees. There are already many studios on ArtStation and we do allow it albeit with specific rules about what is acceptable.

As an individual artist, does this mean that studios will take over ArtStation?

No. There are already thousands of studio accounts on ArtStation and it really hasn't impacted the site negatively at all. We also implement technology to ensure that a good variety of artwork is displayed and the site is not flooded by a single account. Good art is good art and everyone enjoys it.

If a studio is posting work that I helped produced, won't there be duplicates?

Potentially, but in practice and reality, this has never happened. Generally, no two artists/profiles ever post exactly the same thing. What we often see is that if multiple artists worked on a project, each artist will post the work with specific emphasis on the parts that they did. Although this comes up as a theoretical problem, in practice it really has never been a problem.