We're often asked by users how content can get on the Top Row on the home page of ArtStation.

In short, it is at our discretion only.

Top Row is reserved for:

  • Announcements and content that is strategic to ArtStation.
  • ArtStation Magazine featured content.
  • Sponsored content - this helps us to pay for ArtStation.
  • Exceptional artwork that is highlighted by ArtStation staff.

How can my artwork be featured on the Top Row?

At our discretion only. Every week, our editors look at exceptionally popular artwork as voted by the community (lots of likes), and we decide what we want to feature on the top row - there are many factors we use to decide such as the balance of the content on the top row - e.g. we want to showcase a broad range of content and may decide that some 3D work should be featured, instead of concept art, etc.

In short, it is completely at ArtStation staff's discretion what is featured on the top row. Artists cannot ask why their work was not shown, and artists should never ask for their work to be shown.