As an ArtStation PRO member, you can use your own domain name for your website, making it fully yours with no ArtStation branding on it.


  1. Add the domain name to your ArtStation website settings page. Important many people forget this step. Remember to add the domain and click Save.
  2. On your domain name DNS, add an 'A' record with host '@' (root domain) pointing to Ensure there are no other 'A' records on the same root domain with another IP address (remove them). E.g. you should only have one "" A record.
  3. Add a 'CNAME' record with host 'www' pointing to '@'. If your DNS manager does not allow the value '@', then use your root domain, e.g. ''.

Most common problems

Here are some very common issues we've helped people with:

More than one 'A' record on the same root domain

If you have more than one A record on the root domain, it will split the requests proportionally. E.g.

  • A < This one points to ArtStation
  • A < This is some old record to somewhere else

In the above case, 50% of the time, your users will end up at the wrong website.

To fix this, remove the other 'A' records for your root domain and only keep the one from ArtStation.

Redirect is enabled

Some registrars like GoDaddy and Namecheap offer a redirect. i.e. you can redirect your website to You can see how this works. Just type into your browser, and it will actually change the URL to

If you are going to use a custom domain name on ArtStation, you need to remove this redirection. Then your domain will always stay as when browsing your website.

GoDaddy instructions

This section assumes that you have bought a domain name from GoDaddy and wish to configure it for ArtStation.

On GoDaddy, log in and manage your domain name.

Click on "DNS Zone File".

Check the records in "A (Host)". If there is a current record there with host '@', remove this record.

Click "Add Record".

For Record type, select A (Host).

For Host, enter '@'

For Points to, enter ''

For TTL, leave it at 1 Hour.

Save changes.

Namecheap instructions

This section assumes that you have bought a domain name from Namecheap and wish to configure it for ArtStation.

On Namecheap, log in and go to manage your domain name.

Click on "Advanced DNS" to manage your DNS entries.

Basically, you need 2 records:

  • 'A' record with host '@' and value ''
  • 'CNAME' record with host 'www' and value '' (use your root domain name, e.g.

Remove any other records that might interfere with these records. E.g.

If you see a CNAME record with a host of 'www' and value '' (Namecheap sets this up automatically when you buy a domain name), remove this record.

Check if you have a 'URL Redirect Record' already (Namecheap sets this up automatically). Remove it.

Once this is done, save any changes. It may take up to 48 hours for the DNS to propagate. Check the domain later.

Make sure that you add the domain to ArtStation on the Website Builder settings.

Still wondering what to do?

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