Sharing your project with social media is a great way to gain extra exposure.

There are two ways to share a project to your social media.

The first way:

When viewing a published project, navigate to the sidebar and look for the sharing options.

Click on the links to share with Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The second way:

From the Project Manager, once a project is published, you will need to click on the option to Publish to Social Media.

You will need to ensure that one or all your accounts are connected before being able to share.

Once your account/s is/are connected, you have the option to which account you would like to share, to write the message that will be shared with your project and to add a link to your project. Click "Publish" to share with your selected social media.


Keep in mind Facebook no longer allows you to publish directly on your wall and you will only see the option to publish to Facebook pages you own.