We are officially retiring the Minimalist website theme on ArtStation on 30 November 2017, and we're encouraging all users to use our newer themes that are more modern, better looking and will continue to be supported by ArtStation.

How do I switch themes?

Go to the website builder.

Why are we retiring the Minimalist theme?

When we started ArtStation 3.5 years ago, we had to launch with our first website theme. Minimalist was that theme and was the default out-of-the-box theme. Unfortunately, there were many issues with the theme that overwhelmed and confused users.

We've since created new website themes on ArtStation that look and function far better, and are friendlier for users. The Basic theme is the free alternative and is available to all members.

We stopped supporting the Minimalist theme at the end of 2016 with the launch of the Pro accounts. With the upcoming releases of great new features such as blogging and e-commerce, we are now officially going to remove the Minimalist theme for good.

Wait, ArtStation gives me a free website?

Yes. It always has. All ArtStation artist accounts come with a website builder. It's been the core functionality of ArtStation since the beginning. Our philosophy is that all artists should have a website. With ArtStation, you get one for free. Pro members get to expand on that functionality with premium themes, customization options, custom domain names and more.

Learn more about the difference between your ArtStation community profile and your ArtStation-powered website

Can I disable the website builder completely?

No. The ArtStation website builder functionality cannot be disabled as it is a core part of the ArtStation platform.

On the Basic theme, can I customize the home page like I can on the Minimalist theme?

Unfortunately no. And this is one of the main reasons why we had to stop supporting the Minimalist theme is because many users would break their websites completely by accidentally deleting the home page or deleting everything on the home page.

The Basic theme works "out of the box" and is visually similar to how the community profiles on ArtStation work. Customization options are available to Pro members.

What will happen if I don't switch?

On 1st December 2017, we will automatically switch everyone still on Minimalist over to the Basic theme. You will no longer be able to use the Minimalist theme. It will be gone for good.